About us

At Vintae we believe that the best way to explain our raison d’être is to open one of our bottles. But if we must explain it with words, we always like to say that we are a new way of living wine.

Some have called us revolutionaries, others have defined us as innovative, there are even those who have accused us of being crazy. Crazy?
Well, perhaps. If we weren’t, we would never have planted that first vineyard of muscatel grapes in La Rioja back in 1999.

Since then we have grown to become a very special family that enjoys, lives and dreams of creating new wines. Something that together with our adventurous spirit has led us to produce wine in fifteen denominations of origin in Spain, betting on authentic, daring projects.

And because we know that each region has its own way of honoring wine, we always like to respect the soul and the essence of each destination and trust the wine growers of each locale. Only in this way can we continue harvesting the best stories… and fuelling our craziness ;-)

Because if we were to stop dreaming we would not be Vintae.